Tristars 3D Printed Card Stands

Tristars developed a display stand and card holder for PSA, BGS, MNT and CGC graded cards in 2020.

As collectors we got tired of the really poor quality and expensive stands on Amazon and Ebay marketplaces. So we had to fix this by offering a cheaper high quality product.

The original plan was to build a prototype using 3D printing and use it as a mold for mass production. However, due to technology advances 3D printing has become more cost efficient and thus effective. All stands are still 3D printed with no plans to change as the quality control is important to us.

The stands were originally designed based around feedback from Canadian Pokemon Groups. This is why we offer a variety of colours which were intended to match energy colours and classes. This also connects well into the sports collectible industry with the majority of colours matching sports teams. Tristars plans to continue offering a variety of colours.

Each stand comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty Guarantee. This means if the stand ever breaks due to manufacturer error send it back to us and we will replace the stand for free.

Fraser House

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